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    公司簡介 / ABOUT US




    Shantou Keyun Plastic Packing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer integrating design, development, production and saling all kinds of plastic cosmetics packaging. We have more than 13000 square meters of garden-type plant, and about 100 advanced equipments. Also we have the production management team which have superb technology and rich experience.

    Our main products include containers for eyeshadow, blusher, lipstick, air cushion BB/CC/DD cream, compact powder, powder paste, brow powder, grooming powder, loose powder, liquid eyeliner, lip gloss, mascara, lip balm, grooming pen, concealer pen, lipstick pen, highlight pen, lip case and so on.

    We process the products by design and development, mold making, injection moulding, surface treatment (there are supporting facilities such as superior vacuum coating, dustless coating spray paint, dustless UV and so on.), hot stamping printing, silkscreen printing and assembly lines which are perfectly complete and normative. Our products are well-designed with continuous development and innovation under strict control to guarantee the good quality.

    We always believe in honesty and mutual benefit with customers, and we have gained the trust and support from clients all over the world. Welcome to visit our factory and build reliable business relationship with us. Let's make great achievements together!

    汕頭市科韻塑膠制品有限公司 版權所有